LiPHY GOBO Projector

► A GOBO Projector powered by LiPHY.
► The LiPHY adapter module is integrated inside the Projector.
► Includes 1 custom design slide (With maximum two colour design)
► It can be used to turn the projection into a smart projection or information channel.
► LiPHY content can be set via our cloud platform once you have completed the purchase.
The kit includes:

► 1 x GOBO Projector
(Rated: 25 Watt)
► 1 x LiPHY Adapter Module
► 1 x iBeacon embedded inside GOBO Projector
(Broadcast Interval: 1-10 times/sec)
► LiPHY standard application for evaluation can be downloaded here


General Specs
Product CodeLF-GP-15-1
Hardware1 LIPHY-Powered GOBO Projector
iBeacon EmbeddedYes
Smart control via BLEYes
Dimming SupportNo
Technical Specs
Rated Power25 Watts
Rated VoltageAC 220V
MaterialAluminum Alloy
AdditionalIP65 rated
Detection Range>2 meters
iBeacon Range~10-20 meters
ApplicationsLiPHY powered GOBO Projector for outdoor advertising and content extraction