Experience the power of LiPHY integrated in a small form factor USB Bulb which are easy to plug and play and are perfectly suited for LiPHY evaluation and application development. These portable lights  can also be used to create interactive LiPHY beacons for gaming and advertisement applications.

The kit includes:
► 1 x USB LED Bulbs
(Rated: 1 Watt, 150 Lm)
► 1 x iBeacons embedded inside Light Bulbs
(Broadcast Interval: 1-10 times/sec)
>► LiPHY standard application for evaluation can be downloaded here


General Specs
Product CodeLF-UB-1-1
Hardware1 Piece of USB Powered Bulb
iBeacon EmbeddedYes
Smart Control via BLEYes
Dimming SupportYes
Technical Specs
Rated Power1 Watt
Rated Voltage5V Standard USB type A connection
Bulb Diameter4.5 cm
Luminance~150 lm
Detection Range>1 meter
iBeacon Range~10-20 meters
Dimming Range25-100%
ApplicationsTo be used as a portable light for LiPHY related application development.