LiPHY Evaluation/Education Kit

The LiPHY Evaluation/Education Kits are be used by developers and students.
Students can refer to our Stem Education Page for more information.

The Evaluation/Education Kit Includes:

► 2 x LiPHY powered USB LED Bulbs
(Rated: 1 Watt, 150 Lm)
► 2 x Resistors (only for students)
(120 Ω and 330 KΩ)
► 3 x Capacitors (only for students)
(0.1μF, 0.2μF and 2.2μF)
► 1 x Optical Receiver Board (only for students)


General Specs
Product CodeLF-EK-1-1
Hardware 2 LiPHY USB-Powered Bulbs
1 Optical Receiver Board
2 Resistors
3 Capacitors
Technical Specs
LiPHY USB Powered Bulb1 Watt Standard USB type A connection. More
Resistor120 Ω and 330 KΩ
Capacitor0.1μF, 0.2μF and 2.2μF
ApplicationsEvaluation/Education Kits to be used by developers and students