SDK Subscription Packages

Smart Venue App

Smartify your venue whether it is a showroom, office, lab, shopping mall, cafe, or restaurants. LiPHY gives you:

  • Indoor positioning
  • Contact tracing
  • Location-based advertising
  • Secured content access

Community Apps


Standard VLC (visible light communication) scanning app

LiPHY Smart City

VL (visible light) Indoor Navigation and Checkin app

Custom Apps with our SDK

  • Unlimited content IDs
  • Best for small-scale deployment
  • SDK included
  • Email support
  • Beta access
  • Optional modules (i.e. AR)

Easy to Integrate

We have prepared a hassle-free SDK for you to focus on the application of Visible Light Communication.

self.lightManager = [[LFLightManager alloc] init];
self.lightManager.isFront = YES;
self.lightManager.delegate = self;
[self.lightManager startTracking];
- (void)lightManager:(LFLightManager *)manager didTrackLight:(LFLight *)light {
    // do the magic here 
this.lightManager = new LightManager(context);
this.lightManager.setLightTrackingCallback(new LightTrackingCallback() {
    public void didTrackLight(LightBeacon beacon) { 
        // do the magic here

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