LiPHY T5/T8 Tube Light

► LiPHY embedded T5/T8 tube Light .
► It can be used for indoor positioning and indoor navigation

The kit includes:

► 1 x T5/T8 Tube Light
(Rated: 13W/19W/31W/41W)
► 1 x CC LED Driver
(Rated: Output power up to 40 W, 350 – 1050 mA )
► 1 x LiPHY Adapter Module
► 1 x iBeacon embedded inside LiPHY Adapter Module
(Broadcast Interval: 1-10 times/sec)
► LiPHY standard application for evaluation can be downloaded here


General Specs
Product CodeLF-TL-1-1
Hardware1 Piece of LiPHY embedded T5/T8 Tube Light with CC LED Driver
iBeacon EmbeddedYes
Smart control via BLEYes
Dimming SupportNo
Technical Specs
Rated WattageLED T5/T8 Global CC: 13W/19W/31W/41W
Rated VoltageLED T5/T8 Global CC: 17-22V / 25-30V / 28-33V / 36-41V / 27-31V
LED Driver Specs500 – 1050 mA Constant Current Driver
EfficacyHigh efficacy up to 134lm/W
Detection Range> 4 meters
iBeacon Range~10-20 meters
ApplicationsTo be used as ceiling lighting in homes, offices, hotels, show rooms, theaters