LiPHY technology deployed at HKUST Startup Runway 2021

The HKUST Startup Runway 2021 was powered by LiPHY.

Startup Runway 2021, organized by the Entrepreneurship Center and The BASE Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, is a showcase where they introduce HKUST’s vibrant startup community to all members of HKUST.

The Startup Runway 2021 was held on 15 & 16th September at the Academic Concourse on the HKUST campus

Each Startup Booth were given a LiPHY Lightbox to help them with their product promotion, online voting and much more.

Visitors were asked to use the LiPHY Smart City app (available for iOS and Android) for

  • Getting the information on startups,
  • Voting for their favourite startup and
  • Collecting Bookmarks which earned them cool prizes from the Entrepreneurship Center

We recorded a total of 160 users and 3427 Light scans in just 2 days.