Smart Lab & Classroom for STEM Education

LiPHY conducted an IoT App Building Workshop at theBASE, HKUST on 24th March 2021 in collaboration with Tecky Academy

Smart Classroom Technology exhibited at the HKUST IC Design Center 2019 Summer Symposium featuring location-based content access control.


Electronic Endeavor Match

You can download the manuals from below.

Module 1 – Electronic Components [English]

Module 2 – Pulse Generator [English]

Module 3 – Sound and Electronic Piano [English]

Module 4 – Sensors [English]

Module 5 – Counter and Display [English]


LiPHY Innovation Competition

You can download the manuals from below.

Exercise 1 – Visible Light Communication as a Platform for IoT

Exercise 2 – Optical Receiver Design [English] [Chinese]

Exercise 3 – VLC Link Budget Analysis [English]

Exercise 4 – VLC Receiver Circuit Simulation [English]


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