LiPHY 3D LightBox

LiPHY 3D LightBox


A 3D LightBox powered by LiPHY driver is used to develop smart signage and advertisement applications. During the order, you can put your custom art on the box that can be your brand name, logo, or product picture. LiPHY content can be set via our cloud platform once you have completed the purchase.

The kit includes:

► 1 x 3D USB LightBox
(Rated: 5 Watt)
► 1 x iBeacon embedded inside LightBox driver
(Broadcast Interval: 1-10 times/sec)
► LightFly standard application for evaluation can be downloaded here


Product Description


General Specs
Product Code LF-LB-5-2
Hardware 1 Piece of USB Powered LightBox
iBeacon Embedded Yes
Smart Control via BLE Yes
Dimming Support No
Technical Specs
Rated Power 5W Max
Rated Voltage 5V Standard USB type A connection
LightBox Dimension 20 cm x 20 cm
Detection Range > 2 meter
iBeacon Range ~10-20 meters
Applications LiPHY enabled smart signage and advertisement lightboxes


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